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Westmont Inn & Suites - Omaha

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10909 M StreetOmahaNE68137Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
1,7 / 5
  • Found a hypodermic needle by our television, after checking in took 20 minutes because no…2015 Grd 19
  • Checked out 15 minutes after checking in But the price says it all.I don't recommend it.2015 Rgs 14
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Westmont Inn & Suites - Omaha

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1,7 /5 from 34 reviews

Westmont Inn & Suites - Omaha
Prastas1,0 / 5
Under renovations
The hotel was under renovations for very good reason! It was dark and smoky in EVERY area including the front lobby. You couldn't get away from it. The TV was broken (after the front desk lady upgraded our room because our other room's TV was also broken). We were probably the only ones there that night other than the guys working at and on the hotel you get what you pay for.
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Westmont Inn & Suites - Omaha
Prastas1,0 / 5
The fridge was missing from the room I waited a half hour to be checked in and the bed sheets looked like a coloring book
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Westmont Inn & Suites - Omaha
Prastas1,0 / 5
This motel was terrible! We came in late off our flight, to tired to look for other motel. Worst motel I have ever stayed at!
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Westmont Inn & Suites - Omaha
Prastas1,0 / 5
Well first of all. I got there and was not greeted...second he told me My card had declined which was sooo Incorrect. Then he says my room was down receipt or room number. The room smelled had bad odor....sheets was not clean., bathroom nice
1 nakties kelionė
Westmont Inn & Suites - Omaha
Vidutiniškas2,0 / 5
Great Place to Film a Ghost Murder Movie
I have stayed in a lot of cheap hotels, I know what to expect, I know what I paid for. Never before have I felt like I might be murdered by a ghost, until now. Typical run-down formerly nice hotel but what gets you is how big it is and all the creepy hallways with flickering lights and missing numbers on doors. Ultimately I had a fine one night stay but I did kind of enjoy how creepy this place was. If I had more time I would have filmed a whole movie instead of just an instagram one. Despite being run-down there were no bugs, which is big for me, the tv worked, the AC worked, and the sheets were clean. That's all I really need.
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Westmont Inn & Suites - Omaha

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