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Quality Inn & Suites - Sterdžen Bėjus

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923 Green Bay RdSterdžen BėjusWI54235Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
Geras3,0 / 5
  • We had a very minimal budget, and thanks to Expedia, we found this hotel in Sturgeon Bay…2016 Geg 9
  • Horrible stay. Had a total of 3 rooms. and We were only there friday night by 9pm till…2015 Grd 7
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Quality Inn & Suites - Sterdžen Bėjus

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  • standartinis kambarys, 1 didelė lova, nerūkantiems

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Geras 3,0 /5 from 74 reviews

Quality Inn & Suites - Sterdžen Bėjus
Nuostabus5,0 / 5
Great family owned place
Quiet, clean, comfortable
3 naktų šeimos kelionė
Quality Inn & Suites - Sterdžen Bėjus
Prastas1,0 / 5
The hotel was dirty. It needed to be vacuumed. The bathroom was dirty. The vanity was broken. There was sharp edges on it. Not a good place to stay.
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Quality Inn & Suites - Sterdžen Bėjus
Vidutiniškas2,0 / 5
the last time I stayed here it was not as dirty...the tub was soiled, the bathroom just felt dirty. I doubt I will stay here again, although the breakfast was just fine.
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Quality Inn & Suites - Sterdžen Bėjus
Geras3,0 / 5
Quality Inn or Comfort Suites
Room clean. People at front desk nice - however - I had booked room thru and gave my credit card number to hold room - when we got there wanted to pay cash and boy, was that a trip. Took two visits to desk to get the receipt correct. Still have to watch credit card to make sure we aren't charged for the room after paying cash. They kept saying we were pre-paid. I am sure we arent the first people that ever did that. But breakfast was great.
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Quality Inn & Suites - Sterdžen Bėjus
Vidutiniškas2,0 / 5
Very mehh..
Service was fine.. I only really talked to anyone for check in and check out. Again, housekeeping knocks on my door and just tries to walk right in, as I'm in the bathroom at 9am. Do they not read anything to know I was staying 2 nights? Does a do not disturb sign mean nothing? This is a reoccurring thing that seems to keep happening and I'm sick of it. The room had a pretty beat up bathroom, ceiling tiles were stapled on lol.. The shower creaked and cracked with every step, I felt bad for those below me, as I figured I was going to fall thru. The rest of the room was normal, fine. A/C was blasting when I originally got there, having the room at 50 was a little absurd.. For the price, something more expensive than I've paid in green bay and Chicago, was not worth it, nor would I return.. Thanks but no thanks.. Better off finding a cheap motel than staying here for what you have to pay..
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Quality Inn & Suites - Sterdžen Bėjus

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