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Red Roof Inn & Suites Clinton - Clinton

2 žvaigždutės
141 Buffalo RoadClintonTN37716Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
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2,6 / 5
  • Outside of hotel looks good. Inside, it was pretty bad. Pieces missing from the A/C…2016 Lie 10
  • Hotel was very dirty. Sheets were stained. Bathroom floor dirty and hair all over it.2016 Bir 6
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Red Roof Inn & Suites Clinton - Clinton

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  • Red Roof Inn Clinton
  • Red Roof Inn Hotel Clinton
  • Red Roof Inn Clinton Motel

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Taip pat vadinama

  • Red Roof Inn Clinton
  • Red Roof Inn Hotel Clinton
  • Red Roof Inn Clinton Motel

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Sudedamosios lovos siūlomos už papildomą mokestį: 15 USD už naktį.

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2,6 /5 from 61 reviews

Red Roof Inn & Suites Clinton - Clinton
Vidutiniškas2,0 / 5
A Bit Strange
Our family rented two rooms. The rooms were comfortable, but some strange things went on or maybe we just stayed too long (a week) and notice a lot. The owner is cheap. He does not like making coffee to keep in the front lobby. He'll argue about it too. There is a limited amount of towels the hotel owns as well. If you need more towels, you have to give the towels in your room to the staff to be washed, then they'll give them back. It can take many hours of waiting because of this. Breakfast in the lobby is before 9 a.m. There's biscuits, gravy, a waffle maker, two cereals to chose from, orange juice, and skim milk. Oh yeah, bread that can be toasted too. There's tacky signs all over where the food is that reads, "Do take food into rooms.", maybe my wording is off, but anyway, no food to is to be taken from the lobby into the rooms. Which left me to wonder, why... I'm going to eat in my room regardless if it's from that lobby or somewhere else. Don't forget to leave "good butts".There's a local guy who comes through looking for "good cigarette butts" as he says. He is on the prowl daily. The house keeper seems nice, she'll offer him up a smoke when you ignore him asking, "seen any good cigarette butts?. I felt as if I were in an episode of The Twilight zone.
1 nakties šeimos kelionė
Red Roof Inn & Suites Clinton - Clinton
Nuostabus5,0 / 5
A good nights rest!
The beds were comfortable, the room was clean, there were plenty of clean towels, and coffee was available in the room. The area was well lit and we felt secure. The staff was very friendly and had excellent suggestions for evening meal. We were pleased overall.
1 nakties romantiška kelionė
Red Roof Inn & Suites Clinton - Clinton
Prastas1,0 / 5
Bugged by uninvited visitors!
Hotel was located in an area convenient to restaurants and freeway with easy access both from and to the I-75 corridor just north of Knoxville, TN. While rooms were spacious and bathrooms were adequate, problems with various bugs (cockroaches, centipedes and spiders) were prevalent everywhere. While I toughed out the evening after finding roaches in the bathroom and adjoining living/lounging space, I would never stay there again and cannot recommend it to others. The breakfast advertised was sparse and limited both in content and quality. It needs a thorough cleaning and much more attention to cleaning and pest remediation. Wood laminate floors were cold and, in some places, gouged out in places. Management would serve itself well to make frequent quality checks on all of their rooms to insure its cleanliness and maintenance is being properly done.
1 nakties šeimos kelionė
Red Roof Inn & Suites Clinton - Clinton
Vidutiniškas2,0 / 5
Not great.
Room smelled like smoke, and wasn't clean. Grimy smudges on the wall in the bathroom, lots of grime on the floor and corners especially. Sheets were clean... air conditioner worked fine.
1 nakties verslo kelionė
Red Roof Inn & Suites Clinton - Clinton
Prastas1,0 / 5
Past this place up!
Door safety lock broke smoke detector broke & door sticked. People were out smoking & talking till 1:00 am
1 nakties šeimos kelionė

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Red Roof Inn & Suites Clinton - Clinton

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