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The Extended Stay Deluxe

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141 COOPER STREET,, Otava, K2P 0E8, OT, CAN

Viešbutis miesto centre, netoliese yra Otavos Universitetas
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  • In the winter, you guys need boot trays in your rooms, and your breakfast kinda sucks,…2018 Vas 12
  • Had a amazing time there. The front desk clerks were so helpful. Great location to if u…2018 Sau 23
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The Extended Stay Deluxe

  • xxx King Suitexxx
  • XXX-Deluxe King Suite
  • xxxSuitexxx
  • XXXPent house suite 1 king Non smoking
  • studija, 1 labai didelė lova, nerūkantiems
  • studija, 1 labai didelė lova, rūkantiems
  • studija, 2 dvigulės lovos, nerūkantiems
  • studija, 2 dvigulės lovos, rūkantiems
  • liukso klasės numeris, 1 labai didelė lova ir sofa-lova, nerūkantiems
  • liukso klasės numeris, 1 labai didelė lova ir sofa-lova, rūkantiems
  • liukso klasės numeris, 1 miegamasis, nerūkantiems
  • liukso klasės numeris, 1 miegamasis, rūkantiems
  • liukso klasės numeris, 2 miegamieji, nerūkantiems
  • liukso klasės numeris, 2 miegamieji, rūkantiems
  • XXXPent house suite 1 king Non smoking
  • mansarda, 1 labai didelė lova ir sofa-lova, nerūkantiems
  • liukso klasės numeris, 1 miegamasis, pritaikyta neįgaliesiems, nerūkantiems

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Lankytini objektai

  • Centretown
  • Parlamento kalva (17 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Kanados nacionalinė galerija (23 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Otavos Universitetas (11 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Kanados aukščiausiasis teismas (22 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Rido kanalas (25 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Kanados istorijos muziejus (33 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Kanados karo muziejus (35 min. pėsčiomis)


  • Otava, Ontarijas (YOW-Macdonald-Cartier tarptautinis oro uostas) – 14,5 km (19 min. automobiliu)
  • Ottawa Station – 5 km (8 min. automobiliu)
  • Ottawa Fallowfield Station – 18,5 km (21 min. automobiliu)
  • Ilgalaikio automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė (už papildomą mokestį)

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The Extended Stay Deluxe
Unpleasant stay
My family rented two suites. One of the suites had an extremely strong curry smell from the beginning. We left the patio door open for two days in -10 F temps with no affect. We told the front desk and they put in an odor device to absorb the smell only to find out there was already one in there. So they knew about the smell before. They offered to move us to another room several floors away which wasn't possible since we didn't want to be separated from our kids (1 adult in each room obviously). They said their shampoo machine was broken as well. They knew about this smell before and did nothing and still rented it out to us. In the other room I have a long gash on my arm because of no rubber stopper at the end of the metal shelves. The ends are jagged metal that is not covered and I gashed my arm when reaching in the closet. I told them and they sent a guy up to look at it. He came and looked at it and never came back. I have pix of the shelve and my arm as proof. I can honestly say we are never staying in an extended stay again. With that smell that room was unlivable and should not be rented until thoroughly cleaned and shampooed. I have a feeling though that they will do nothing.
Keliautojas, ca4 naktų kelionė
The Extended Stay Deluxe
Labai geras8,0
Christmas party weekend
The only thing I didn't like was that it was a non-smoking room (as are all rooms in all hotels in Ontario, Canada). Other than that, the only other very minor complaint was that there were a few strands of hair in the bathroom sink.
Keliautojas, ca2 naktų kelionė
The Extended Stay Deluxe
Labai geras8,0
Rm. 816 needs minor issue.. i.e...high pressure water sprays from the shower nozzle when filling the water on person trying to adjust taps.. Front desk staff very friendly and helpful....broken coffee pot was replaced within 1/2 hour of request.
Terry, ca2 naktų romantiška kelionė
The Extended Stay Deluxe
Hairy Drain
No maid service througout our two day stay. Even after being told that we should have received daily maid service due to a loyalty program. Bathtub was clogged with hair and we had to remove it ourselves. Gross place to stay. Will not stay there again.
Jeremy, ca2 naktų verslo kelionė
The Extended Stay Deluxe
Labai geras8,0
SB stay
In general very good. Breakfast area is very crampy and was at overcapacity. Menu for bfast was limited and they were not able to quickly resuply Clean room and comfortable beds
stephane, ca2 naktų šeimos kelionė

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The Extended Stay Deluxe

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