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Hotel Jupiter

3 žvaigždučių3 žvaigždučių
Tweede Helmersstraat 14, Amsterdamas, 1054 CJ, NLD

Viešbutis miesto centre, netoliese yra Leidse aikštė
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  • Great location. But the room was tiny. Almost uncomfortable small. It would be great if…2018 Bal 15
  • You get what you pay for - cheap hotel - very friendly helpful staff but rooms are tiny,…2018 Bal 9
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Hotel Jupiter

nuo 112 Eur
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  • Kambarių: 20
  • Aukštų: 4

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  • Atvykimas: 14.00 val.–22.00 val.
  • Išvykimas: 11.00 val.


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Kiti pavadinimai

  • Hotel Jupiter Amsterdam
  • Jupiter Amsterdam


Additional policies and fees may apply when booking for more than 8 people. For more details, please contact the property using the information on the reservation confirmation received after booking.

Šis viešbutis taiko politiką, pagal kurią neleidžiama užsakyti tam tikrų grupinių renginių arba vakarėlių, įskaitant priešvedybinius tik vyrams skirtus vakarėlius / bernvakarius ir tik moterims skirtus vakarėlius / mergvakarius.

Užsakymams grupėms (kai užsakomi daugiau kaip 8 kambariai toje pačioje apgyvendinimo įstaigoje tomis pačiomis dienomis) gali būti taikomos ypatingos atšaukimo taisyklės ir mokesčiai.

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Lankytini objektai

  • Miesto Amsterdamas centras
  • Nes (20 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Leidse aikštė (7 min. pėsčiomis)
  • „Rijksmuseum“ (12 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Stedelijk muziejus (13 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Van Gogo muziejus (13 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Concertgebouw (15 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Amsterdamo universitetas (15 min. pėsčiomis)


  • Amsterdamas (AMS-Schipholio) – 14,4 km (18 min. automobiliu)
  • Amsterdam Lelylaan Station – 3,5 km (8 min. automobiliu)
  • Amsterdam Muiderpoort Station – 4,5 km (9 min. automobiliu)
  • Amsterdam Zuid Station – 4,7 km (10 min. automobiliu)
  • Waterlooplein Station – 2,1 km (26 min. pėsčiomis)
  • Nieuwmarkt Station – 2,2 km (28 min. pėsčiomis)
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Naujausi atsiliepimai

Geras 7,2 Iš 377 atsiliepimų

Hotel Jupiter
Great Place
Very helpful staff, cozy single room was a little tight on space but very comfortable. Check in and check out went smoothly. Would recommend for anyone traveling on a budget that wants to stay close to the city.
Erin, us4 naktų kelionė
Hotel Jupiter
Not worth the price
I realize that Amsterdam is an expensive city and therefore I looked for a reasonably priced hotel. The neighborhood is fine, it is the Hotel that is a major disappointment. The room I was given as a single traveler was about 6ft wide, not wide enough for my suitcase to be laid on the floor and walk past it. Frequently at different times of the day there was backed up sewage smell in the room coming from the bathroom. The worst experience though was the interactions I had with the person who I assume is the owner. As a person of color, I felt treated with condescension and disdain. I was questioned about payment for the breakfasts. I had paid for three and I was told that " my colleague told me that only payment for 2 was made". After I said I had the receipt for it, he grudgingly acknowledged after checking that indeed I had paid for all three. There was an annoyed tone for all responses. Simple questions about use of the automated coffee machine was replied with a tone of exasperation. I felt that I was watched while serving myself breakfast about how much i ate. Altogether a very unsettling experience.
Keliautojas, us3 naktų kelionė
Hotel Jupiter
Labai geras8,0
Amsterdam March 2018.
everything was fine except i was charged a 4% free to use my credit card. This free was not discosec at my time of Reservation. Otherwise, i would have heget my bet and bought euros last year when the exchange rate was 10-12% l;wer. Please discuss this with Sanjay the manager. Everything else was fine and so i did not want to gut into an Argument with your customer. Thank you. Please not that i have reservations at Schumacher in Deisldorf Germany on Tours and Frieda. I forwarded them a new credit caed number as i was advised by that the Coups not take credit card info over the phone. They said that i did not have a Reservation and that your numbers were not valid. I ersehnt the info, advise i would send attachments later. how- i am unable to. I have the copies with me. Can you please reverify that i am booked with them on Tours 3/15/18 and Fri 3/16/18 under two separate Reservation. I will have computer access in Germany from 10am until 10pm tomorrow, Mon. 3/12/18 Berlin Time. Thank you again. Have a nice day. I can provide more info on Jupiter later. Ist a good location if you dont have a lot of Lugage.
Robert, us2 naktų kelionė
Hotel Jupiter
Labai geras8,0
Would recommend
Very good location. Staff lovely. Little bit dated but priced very well and very clean.
Joanna, ie2 naktų kelionė su draugais
Hotel Jupiter
Amazing value for the money
The Jupiter Hotel was such a pleasant surprise! Great location right near public transport and the museums, and good prices for daily bike rentals. Our room on the 4th floor was quite spacious and clean, and we loved the updated decor, especially the large shower. Very friendly staff checked us in and out and answered all of our questions. Much more than I expected at a budget price. This will be my go-to lodging for any future Amsterdam stays!
Amy, us2 naktų kelionė

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Hotel Jupiter

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